Freelancer and Other Words That Start with F

Ever thought about becoming a freelancer? Ever thought about being a writer? Would you write fiction? Non-fiction? Would you self-publish or work with a publisher? 

Adam Cole is a jazz musician who writes books. He writes about transformation and in his fiction, his characters must change themselves in order to rise to the challenges of their time and place. Sounds an awful lot like someone deciding to leap to Freelancing, huh?

Want to know how and WHY Adam writes? Grab a coffee and have a listen!

You're never done.  In fact, you haven't even started.  You have to love whatever your gig is like, because it stays that way no matter how good you get.

I have to admit - I know NOTHING about being a writer. That's why I was so excited to talk to my oldest internet friend about it. Adam and I have known each other since BEFORE the internet and I've followed his success as we've taken different paths through life. 

Based in Atlanta, GA in the States, Adam is also a business leader and co-director of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts. Adam engages with readers around the world on the subject of creativity and learning. He's pretty amazing.

When it comes to writing - Adam is straightforward and his insight into the interconnectedness of things has earned him a passionate and loyal following. What I like most about Adam (other than his sense of humour and our long-standing friendship) is that his books launch people to new lives and new ideas. Adam has been featured in Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, and and is a regular contributor to periodicals such as UpWorthy, Transzion and Fupping.  


If you want to be a writer - and I know a lot of you do - and you're thinking about making the move to freelancing - there's a lot for you in this episode. 

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78% of the UK public think freelancing helps promote good work / life balance.

Sources: The Freelancers Union "53 million" report & the Professional Contractors Group

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