Freelancer and Other Words That Start with F

Ever thought about becoming a freelancer? Or maybe you ARE a freelancer and like me, you're fascinated by the way we choose to work. 

I'm Elizabeth Dunne, a freelance graphic designer and visual storyteller. I left corporate life about seven years ago with nothing but an eye for visual interpretation and a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Since then, I've started two successful companies—and have been freelancing for two years. 

As a general nerd about dorktown, I've always been curious about how things work and, importantly, how people work. I'm known for being stuck in my #digitalhermit ways and my rather deep love of new technologies and apps. I'm that person, the one who gets excited about a KANBAN board and who thinks OKRs are just about the best thing since sliced bread. 

Freelancer and Other Words that Start with F is my version of networking and I'm really happy that you get to listen in! If you're a freelancer and would like to be a guest - get in touch

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sherry's advice:

"You not only have to be talented at what you do. You have to be an all-around business person. You're "it" when you're freelancing so learning the ins and outs of doing professional business and getting help when you need it are absolutely key. "

debbie's advice:

"Get a good accountant or bookkeeper! Numbers ain't my thing. Fill the gaps with other freelancers rather than trying to do it all yourself - focus on what you are good and outsource the rest."

rachel's advice:

"You may have to work full time until you sort your stuff out. That's a valid journey."

erin's advice:

"Don't say yes to bad clients that you'll eventually hate because you're too scared that you'll go broke."

want to be a guest?

want to be a guest?

Get in Touch

Thank you for listening. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, start here!


Or, if you want to chat or have questions about freelancing, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram and of course, Linkedin.

adam's advice:

"You're never done.  In fact, you haven't even started.  You have to love whatever your gig is like, because it stays that way no matter how good you get."